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Personal Wealth Services

Your success is our most valuable asset.
– Richard C. Cella, III

Wealth Management

The wealth management philosophy of our Investment Advisory Representatives, through their affiliation with Capital Advisory Group Advisory Services, centers on a comprehensive approach to long-range planning and unbiased investment advice. With over 30 years of investment and retirement planning experience, we have earned the trust of many, hard-working professionals, business owners and families.

We seek to help moderate and conservative investors who want to live well and preserve wealth through careful private-asset management and estate, tax and insurance consulting. We can help you coordinate your goals and objectives into a well-devised financial plan from learning and understanding every facet of your financial situation and managing your wealth according to your personal investment strategy.

Becoming an IBA Client

The foundation of our relationship is a precise, disciplined approach to successful long-term investing. We combine investment strategies with the agility needed to take advantage of timely opportunities.

We possess a wide range of planning experience. Whether your needs relate to retirement, education, or another financial purpose, we specialize in developing a customized plan appropriate for your situation. We achieve a thorough understanding of your investment goals and establish a comfortable risk level by listening carefully, asking the right questions, and consulting with other professional advisors when needed. We analyze your current financial situation and use these findings to prepare a personalized investment policy that details your big picture. This plan becomes our blueprint for achieving your goals. 

We then monitor portfolio performance while consistently checking to ensure that your assets are properly positioned. This allows us to decide if reallocation and proper rebalancing of these positions is needed. We communicate with you regularly, providing performance reporting and recommendations as they present themselves.

We also will work synergistically with your other financial or legal professionals to ensure your needs are being properly managed. When situations arise and outside experts are needed, we will work with your professionals or recommend one of our own. We have partnered with several other professional firms and consultants to help you with estate planning, accounting, insurance and other services. 

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The IBA Difference

As Investment Advisor Representatives, through their affiliation with Capital Advisory Group Advisory Services, our advisors are able to design portfolios that offer the opportunity to achieve market performance results while maintaining below average risk factors (as identified by our investment monitoring and portfolio analyses systems [1] ). 

Our strategy is based on improving cash flow and then investing in long-term assets that also have good earnings potential and a higher degree of relative safety. The assets are selected for non-correlation. During high-risk periods in the markets, risk exposure is reduced to help preserve assets. Thus, clients could have more to invest and, theoretically, a better chance of meeting their performance expectation on their investments.

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[1] Morningstar Advisor Workstation

Our Value Pledge

As your personal financial advisors, we will

Take the time to learn about you, your family, or your company, get to know your objectives, your dreams and your financial circumstances.

Report back to you with a comprehensive financial plan, which summarizes your goals, objectives and needs and provides a clear set of recommendations to help accomplish them. With this plan we will establish the means to track your performance.

Provide full disclosure regarding fees and advise you how to help lower expenses to improve net returns. We will provide you the necessary information and options so you can make an informed decision as to the most efficient methods for investing or providing company benefits.

Provide an independent analysis to identify risk, performance and style appropriateness using recognized investment analysis software and third- party references.

Only advise you on those matters for which we have expertise and refer you to an expert for those matters which we do not. Whenever possible, we will obtain advice from our team of professional associates at no cost to you.

Continue to maintain our education in accordance with the highest standards so we may advise you on investing, retirement planning, taxation, insurance and wealth transfers.

Charge either a fee or a commission never both and it will always be your choice.

Never disclose your personal or confidential information to anyone unless you request we do so.

Always advise you to do only that which is in your best interest based on our education, training and experience and to communicate with you openly and honestly.

Conduct the above noted services in keeping with the highest ethical standards and in full compliance with the guidelines and regulations set forth by FINRA and the SEC.

Richard C. Cella, III
Managing Partner, Financial Services