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Arm Your Employees With Retirement Readiness!

Are your employees sufficiently preparing for retirement? Do they know how to effectively use your company's 401k plan in conjunction with their own financial security? Do these concerns affect your firm's productivity and employee well-being?

A 2014 Harris poll [1] showed the top five things employees were interested in regarding financial wellness education were: saving for retirement, paying off debt, investment advice, budgeting and personal finance coaching. And a recent Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) survey [2] reported that employee worry, even panic, over finances had “some impact on overall employee performance,” citing stress and the ability to focus as the biggest factors.

IBA's worksite retirement planning workshop, Retirement Readiness, is a free, value-added service to our clients, as well as companies and organizations that may be interested in hosting. This presentation focuses on important themes regarding saving for and preserving one's retirement nest egg, including:

  • Changing the way people think about saving and retirement planning in order to successfully create their own “retirement machine” and achieve financial freedom;
  • How to calculate what one will need for retirement, regardless of age or how much one has saved to date;

  • How to diversify and make sure one’s investments are appropriate for their goals, age, and expectations in retirement;

  • How to invest after retirement and stretch your income based on effective distribution strategies.

Arm your employees with the tools to save for retirement! To book your Retirement Readiness workshop, click here. To view our presentation click here.


[1] Harris Poll on behalf of Purchasing Power, December 15-17, 2014

[2] Society for Human Resource Management, “SHRM Survey Findings: Financial Wellness in the Workplace, May 14, 2014.