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Human Resources Services

Ipswich Bay Advisors' human resources services liberates employers from the administration of HR, which enables greater resources in your company to help your company grow.

– H. Clifford Watkin

Clients trust Ipswich Bay Advisors with their human resources needs because we understand that human resources and employee benefits are inseparable. Harmonizing pay, policy, benefit packages, as well as compliance, demands specialized expertise.  Our staff are experienced human resources experts in the field and with our full suite of offered services. Ipswich Bay Advisors provides its clients, and their HR Departments, with the tools for producing a competitive advantage. 

Human Resources Administration

For in-house assistance with daily HR administration, Ipswich Bay Advisors offers the following services:

  • Design and development of human resource systems and policies including administration of enrollments/terminations, payroll administration, and billing reconciliation;
  • Supporting employee relations issues and workforce administration;
  • Review and preparation of all communication to employees;
  • Development and/or revision of new hire orientation programs, documentation, and processes;
  • Management/staff development and/or performance reviews;
  • Providing effective staff training to promote a safe and professional work environment, increase employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention;
  • Streamlining and/or implementing benefits administration;
  • Reviewing compensation and/or administration plan design, including benchmarking;
  • Development and/or revision of employee handbook and policies;
  • Keeping current of HR legislative compliance requirements;
  • Due diligence for employment transitions including downsizing, restructuring, merger and acquisitions;
  • Providing recruitment and/or termination services; and
  • Generating industry-standard and/or customizable analytics;
  • Providing outplacement and career coaching services to assist employees affected by layoff or termination.

Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO)  

For complete HRO service, Ipswich Bay Advisors can provide:

  • HR Management: Internal policies are created, as are new-hire packages, onboarding procedures and processes, compliant employee handbooks and manuals, and training documentation. We are also available for frequent consultations regarding HR administration and employee relation issues including unemployment claims and harassment investigations;
  • Regulatory Compliance: Audits and reporting for all tax filings and corporate regulations, such as FMLA, HIPAA, and Sarbanes-Oxley;
  • Benefits Administration: Assisting with administration of benefits programs, inclusive of enrollment, termination and billing;
  • Payroll Administration & Reporting: SaaS payroll technology that streamlines administration and is easy to use;
  • Risk Management: Policies for workplace safety, training programs, conducting safety meetings for employees to ensure your workplace follows OSHA, workers compensation claims submission and support; and
  • HR Technology: One centralized system to access payroll and benefits information 24/7/365.

Pricing is based upon the service(s) requested.

Human Resources and Benefit Systems

At Ipswich Bay Advisors, we believe in employing multi-faceted research and administration systems to assure that our clients receive the utmost accurate and detailed information about their human resources and employee benefits.  Our solutions allow us to deliver true best-in-class service and due diligence. These valuable resources provide our clients confidence in research depth, employee communication, and superior participant services. 

With HR360 you can get the HR help your company needs and deserves. Your business could be at significant risk for penalties or employment lawsuits if you don’t comply with the law. HR360 is like having a HR department 24/7. Prevent costly HR mistakes — learn the right way to hire, terminate and manage performance.


  PayScale's innovative subscription software gives companies of all sizes or industries access to constantly updated compensation data, making it easy to formalize your company’s compensation strategy. You'll gain access to the freshest, largest, most detailed salary dataset in the world. And an IBA HR Consultant will work with you to develop your company compensation strategy.

Our strategic relationship with Paylocity provides employers with SaaS payroll technology that streamlines administration and is easy to use. Additional modules are available including time and attendance to help manage payroll administration transactions in an easy-to-use website environment.